Harry Riegel

Harry Riegel is a german magician and mentalist known for his immersive and exclusive performances.

Magician from Munich

He presents local shows right in the heart of Munich, entitled "The Magic Salon" which are recognized to be one of Munich´s most exlusive experiences.

International work

With more than 20 years of experience he was performing for countless celebrities and privateers on functions. Working in Cannes, Monaco and Porto Cervo.

Keynotes & Teambuilding

He is presenting virtual events for companies and giving keynotes on problem solving and change. Customers include BMW Group, MINI Munich, McKinsey & Company

Media coverage

Harry Riegel was featured on "Germany´s Got Talent" and countless talk- and radio shows. He is recognised to be the entertainer with one of the longest running major promotion in german radio history - In interactive experiences he is reading the mind of listeners on-air.


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