Harry Riegel

The Magician
Hello, my name is Harry. I've been presenting exclusive happenings, intimtate shows and keynotes as magician for over 19 years. I believe that magic is more than entertainment. It´s a priceless memory, that even money can´t buy.

In the last years I was featured in "Germany Got Talent" and numerous interactive radio shows.

Besides the stage I prefer intimate settings which enable an immersive experience. My speciality are exclusive gatherings that suffice event those who can afford everything.

I had the priviledge to work in Hong Kong, Cannes, Monaco and Porto Cervo. Always striving for the best possible magic experience.

I discovered my passion for magic at the young age of 5. I spent most of my childhood and teen in Nambia, where I stumpled over a magic book in the national library. The contacts and fateful encounters that resulted from the source book have shaped my entire career.