A personal message

Outside the mainstream I revived the lost spirits of time in a place where there is room for encounters and magical happenings. There is no stage. Together with 33 other guests, you will experience phenomena up close. The credo is Tradition & Fascination.

The art of magic used to be restricted to the top ten thousand. It was performed in front of exclusive societies, at parties that ordinary people would never attend. I decided to revives this lost spirit of the times, but allow access to everyone. The aims are exclusive gatherings.

Witty and extremely entertaining. He should teach at our university!
Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Kai Willner
Dean of the Technical Faculty, FAU Erlangen
"Our entire team was delighted!"
Lena Heller
McKinsey & Comapny
"It was simply amazing and so inspiring! It made me think."
Gys Joubert CEO
Gondwana Collection
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